Campus MMXIX

16:00 —— 19:30 Thursday 21st November 2019


What exactly is a Design Sprint and how can they benefit your product development?
Join us, Kyan, for an exciting and immersive workshop with drinks, food and networking.


"How can a Design Sprint
accelerate my product idea?"

What is a design sprint and why are so many big businesses (Google, eBay, Nest) adopting them as the go-to way to bring a product to life? Harry Ford, our Head of Strategy, will take you through this exciting new process and explain the benefit and success that it can bring to product teams.

01 Discover why Design Sprints work

Design Sprints are focussed on the user and their experience of your product or service. We’ll help you to understand the stages of the process and the sorts of outputs they generate.

02 A chance to talk to the experts

After the workshop, there will be time for some food, drink, and to pick the brains of the team. If you have any questions or are simply interested to learn more, we fully encourage you to stay!

03 Learn useful, practical techniques

We'll give you practical examples of a selection of the exercises that make up a Design Sprint and how you could run them. You’ll be able to take these ideas and implement them internally.


16:00 —— 19:30 THURSDAY 21ST NOVEMBER 2019

The Den at The Collective
14 Bedford Square, London, WC1B 3JA

Join us from 4pm for a practical, interactive workshop that clearly lays out what makes
a Design Sprint. You’ll take away ideas on how to effect real change in your team.

The closest tube stops are Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road.
Buzz the door to enter the venue and follow the signage to the basement level.



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